Rolling Stock


Since the Pacific & Eastern is set in the fall of 1989 and portrays a railroad between Medford and Klamath Falls, it's only logical that the locomotives and cars on our railroad reflect the motive power and rolling stock seen on similar railroads in that period. Also, it's necessary that all equipment operate reliably over the railroad and do so with other equipment. With this in mind, the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club has developed several rosters and standards for rolling stock as well as some recommended practices for detailing and painting.

Note that the rosters and details apply to equipment which is run during op sessions and when the layout is on display to model railroaders. On Public Run Days, there are no restrictions on locomotive types and road names or eras, as long as whatever is out there runs dependably and doesn't cause problems.

The Hard Roster is based on what a 100 mile shortline railroad hauling primarily forest products through the mountains of the Pacific Northewest in the late 1980's would use. This roster was developed to encourage prototypical modeling practices.
The Soft Roster permits a wider assortment of diesel locomotives allowing latitude for individual members' tastes and favorites. Modelers may present a "what if" case for incuding a more diverse roster of locomotives on the P&E.
A list of recommendations for details to add to locomotive models, especially those which are a part of the Hard Roster.
A roster of freight cars, by variouso model manufacturers, painted and lettered for the Pacific & Eastern and appropriate for our 1989 era.
Standards which are applied to all rolling stock which is run on the Pacific & Eastern for both public runs and Club operating sessions. A Must Read for anyone bringing equipmet to run on our railroad.