Recommended Diesel Details

CMO Dave Carr complied this list of detail parts for consideration when modeling modern Pacific & Eastern diesel locomotives. While not a strict requirement, adherance to some or most of these details enhances the perspective of a fleet of power with common ownership and features. This is especially important for locomotives on the Hard Roster.

Detail Part Description Manufacturers Part Number
Air Filters DW AF-139
Air Hoses DW AH-268 for snow plow mounting, DW AH-267 w/o plow
Antenna DW RA-274 Sinclair Antenna
Bell DW BE-127 undeframe bell
Coupler Lift Bars DA 2212
Ditch Lights DW DL-229 working ditch lights
Drop Steps DA 1401 drop step for ealry EMD, DA 1404 for later EMD
Fan Grab Iron DA 2217 fan grab for GP30-SD60 models, DA 2218 for dash 2 models
Fuel Fillers DW FF-166
Grab Irons DA 2202 or Westerfield 1197
Headlights DA 1024 or PSC 3933 for cab mount, DA1003 or DW HL-117 for long hoods, high short hoods
Horns DW AH-187 preferred, UP DH-60 or DW AH-327 acceptable
Lift Rings DA 2206
MU Hoses DW MU-266 3 hose sets
MU Stands DA 1506 or use DW MU-219 cable and stand set
Snow Plows DW PL-140 or PL-206
Spare Knuckle Bracket DW DK-196
Spark Arrestors DW SA-124
Speed Recoder DW SR-284
Sunshades DW SV-365 with tracks, or A-Line 29210
Windshield Wipers A-Line 29200, or DA 2316 for center windshields, and DA 2314 for outer windows

Control and Sound

All locomotives operated on the Pacific & Eastern are required to have a Digital Command Control chip installed. While most of the member's use Digitrax chips, any compatible chip is acceptable. Analog locomotives may only be operated on the kids layout and on certain tracks of the modular layout when it's set up.

Sound is highly recommended for at least the lead locomotive in a consist. Headlights are all but required on leading units.