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FINALLY, a collection of beauty shots from around the Pacific & Eastern!

Few words this time. Some views of the railroad from Medford to Klamath Falls. Photos by Larry Tuttle except as noted.

Medford to Summit

Switching the Medco mill complex.

Interchange from SP on the main; Snaking through Medco

A local crossing I-5 and Bear Creek

East Hauler on the Mc Neil Creek high trestle

Low Angle on the High Trestle

East Hauler in deep woods while a Log Truck waits

Medco 9 headed up to Summit passing a smaller truck logging show near Butte Falls

Heading east out of Butte Falls at Ginger Creek

Mt. Pitt looms over a cut of loads at Butte Falls

Westbound Manifest at the East Portal of Tunnel 1.

An Eastbound Hauler crosses a drainage high in the Cascades.

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