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Summit to Klamath Falls

Action at Summit: The Medco "Termite" about to head up the logging branch; The tail end of an East Hauler on the siding.

Medco 9, aka the Termite, makes his rounds to the log landings above Summit.

West Hauler at East Switch Summit. Logging line above, clear cut below.

Westbound loads above the Klamath River at Palisades

A meet on the hill at Palisades

The Pelican Yard switcher at work as an East Hauler passes through Merganser

Pelican Yard from across Lake Ewauna

Wye to the Southern Pacific; Engine Shops across Lake Ewauna

Inside the P&E Engine House at Pelican Yard

Photo: Joel Ashcroft

SP Local coming off the Modoc Line

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