RVMRC - Trackwork: 1. 2 mainline tracks and 1 collector track shall be used on all modules

2. Track centers, measured from the front edge of module, shall be 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. A placement jig is available at the clubhouse to properly position tracks.

3. Track center measurements are 3 inches from the ends of module.

4. Mainline and collector tracks shall stop 3 inches from the ends of the module, with the proceeding 3 inches to be straight. This will allow the use of 6-inch joiners between all modules.

5. Nickel-silver code 100 rail shall be used on all mainlines and collector tracks. Plastic tied track such as Atlas, Lambert, or Peco is acceptable.

6. Mainline minimum radius may be 36 inches (34-inch minimum on Track 1 on inside corner module) and 22-inch minimum radius on collector track.

7. Crossovers from collector to mainline and from mainline to mainline shall occur on club owned or operated modules only.

8. Crossovers from collector to mainline and mainline to mainline shall be no less than #6 with #8 preferred. Switches on the collector to individual sidings may be #4.

9. Crossovers on individual owned modules will be restricted or spiked shut during operating periods.

10. Spurs that are aimed off the back of any module must have an on/off switch installed on the rear fascia board to power the siding trackage. Insulated rail joiner must be installed close to the turnout as possible with power provided to the siding only through the on/off switch.

Track Detail

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