RVMRC - Module Construction:

1. Consult details and plan drawings for basic construction methods.

2. Modules shall be a minimum of four feet (4') in length. Extended lengths over four feet shall be at two-foot (2') increments. Standard module lengths are 4 feet, 6 feet, or 8feet in length or any combination thereof. 3. Modules shall be 30 inches wide at the ends of the modules.

4. All joints must be glued and screwed together using #8x2 or #8x2.5 screws.

5. All framework MUST be square.

6. Legs shall be constructed of 2x2 (1.5"x1.5") clear lumber and must be removable. Legs shall have a 3/8 bolt and tee nut in the bottom for minor height adjustment. Legs on 6 and 8 foot modules should be set in, from the ends, approximately 1 foot to help eliminate any sagging. (Although not required, an extra pair of legs in the middle of any 8-foot module is strongly suggested.)

7. Sub-roadbed or tabletop can be of builder's choice with the total thickness, including roadbed, not to exceed 1 inch.

8. Finished height to top of railhead shall be 40 inches.

9. Diorama boards are optional (as per drawings).

Module Construction Diagram

4 ft. module illustrated

Corner Module Diagram

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