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Building the
Pacific & Eastern

Building A large club layout  based on an route between Medford and Klamath Falls, OR.

2003 -- Benchwork
BCI (engineered wood I-beams) girders form the framework for the P&E and went together amazingly fast.  1 x 4 joists follow along with framed backdrops.  From bare floor to ready for roadbed in two months, including framing for backdrops.
Building the Gorge Scene at East Derby

Rising to the challenge of creating a great scene out of a design error.   Or how to rebuild a scene to make it work. 
The scene at Summit

The high point of the P&E, a long passing siding, a 180 degree curve, a logging branch and many MANY trees.  Also, our first magazine cover.
Building Medco

Modeling the Medford Corporation's sawmill complex from historical photos.
Building the Helix near Keno

2008 work began on the Klamath Falls District with the construction of the helix near Keno.  This would enable us to reduce the modules to Mt. Pitt and the Yard/Terminal, while enlarging the operating potential for the permanent railroad.
Building the Klamath Falls District

The P&E builds down from Keno and to Pelican Yard, it's main yard and shops.  From there it crosses Lake Ewauna and ties in with the Southern Pacific and Burlington Northern.  Both SP and BN yards are modeled on the other side of Lake Ewauna from Pelican Yard.
People and Scenes

Club members working on assorted scenes and projects on the Pacific & Eastern.


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