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Doug Howard

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Doug with gifts Doug is an seasoned international traveler who brought a flair for overseas models to our club.  He returned the favor to his friends in the Freiamter Eisenbahn Amateur Club; Wohlen, Switzerland in October, 2002 when he presented them with models of Pacific & Eastern rolling stock.  Posing with Doug (click on the picture) is his host, Heinz Burri.
Doug and Urs Kappeli, president of the FEAC Doug presents a P&E SD-40-2 is FEAC Club President Urs Kappeli.

Doug Howard graciously wrote a report of his travels for the club, which may be viewed here.
"Victoria" speeds past a fisherman
On Sunday public run days, the Club allows all manners of power and rolling stock to be run on the Pacific & Eastern.  Doug availed himself to this opportunity by breaking out some of his international trains and taking them on a tour of the modular layout.  He has an interesting habit of giving his locomotives exotic European names.  Here we see Victoria speeding past a small lake on Bruce McGarvey's scenic modules.
"Simone" at Butte Falls Simone, a classy French TGV, overtakes a lowly freight on Dave Spakousky's Butte Falls modules.  

Before long, club members started referring to Doug's locomotives as his "harem". 
Ekaterina flies through White City

Another of Doug's girls flies through White City, a club module which features Brad Fawcett's chemical plant in the background.
Doug the Harem Master

"The Harem Master" with another of his girls. 

Doug moved to Indiana a few years back and we sure miss his his eclectic fleet of equipment on Sunday public run days.

Members' Pages

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