Page 3

After the City Scenes and a brief run through some farm and logging country, the railroad climbed a helix and emerged onto a newer shelf section which culminated in a loop back at the front of the room with an industrial area.

First a view down the track, entering the long yard from the helix and then some images from right to left along the yard.

The yard evolved into an industrial area at the far (left) end with numerous industries and services. A lone farmhouse hung onto a corner of the scene.

Epilogue: The scenes pictured on these pages are being moved or dismantled. By the end of January, 2010, this layout will be completely gone. But, already plans have been made to include parts of it on the Pacific & Eastern, the RVMRC's modular layout and an upcoming Thomas the Tank Engine layout. Rusty's Rivetless Railroad will live on!


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