Many of us have attempted to build model railroads. We've seen them through various stages of construction, trackwork, scenery, structures and detailing. But rarely does a model layout really approach completion. Rusty Wimmer started his layout in his retirement and worked on it relentlessly. His eye and creativity in building realistic scenes is remarkable. He called it "rivetless" because he claimed he wasn't a "rivet counter." Rusty modeled his track and scenes as wished, free from the constraints of any particular prototype or philosophy. And it worked! Rusty's Rivetless Railroad was largely completed with many scenes achieving a degree of realism and detail accomplished by few model railroaders.

Even after a stroke he continued his efforts. Sadly, Rusty passed away in November, 2009. His sons, Russ and Tom have donated his layout to the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club with the hopes that the memory of their father's model empire can live on. This photo tour of Rusty's Rivetless Railroad fulfills part of that hope. Select scenes of the layout and most of the cars, structures, vehicles and figures will be used or sold to benefit the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club and the Medford Railroad Park.

Join us as we have one last look at the modeling vision, creativity and skills of Rusty Wimmer. Please take a moment to click on the video link and thumbnails below to enjoy the full effect of this marvelous model railroad.


Lower and Upper Mine and Tunnels scenes. One above the other, with a helix inside.



The Farm Scene -- Super-detailed farmhouse, barn, pasture and chicken coop.

The Yards Scenes -- A Steam Era Division Point

The Refinery