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Welcome to t he Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club web site!

We're located at the Railroad Park in Medford, OR.  <Map to RVMRC Layout>  Originally the club featured a portable, modular layout seen at shows from Dunsmuir CA to Eugene, Medford and Klamath Falls, OR.  Since 2003 we've been at work on a permanent layout depicting the Pacific & Eastern Railroad between Medford and Klamath Falls. 

We invite you to visit us when you're in the Medford area and  join our club if you'd like to get involved.  

Our public run days are the second and fourth Sundays of the months from April through October from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Admission is FREE; donations are welcome. 

New Meetings Schedule: The Membership/Program and Board meetings have been combined and rescheduled to the Third Tuesday of each month. This combined meeting starts at 7:00 PM and is open to the public.

Regular work days are Saturdays from 10:00 AM until mid-afternoon. 

Scheduled Operating Sessions are on the second Saturday of the month starting at 10:00 AM and lasting until... But contact us before you come from afar -- sometimes we move the date around to accommodate other groups. If you're experienced in prototype operating sessions, you're welcome to come join us as an operator. If you're new to operations, come join us as the engineer on a crew with an experienced conductor and learn how our railroad operates -- it's not just trains running around in circles. And, if you just want to watch the fun, please drop on by.

Other days of the week often find members working on projects.  If there are any of our members at the clubhouse, knock on the door and we'll give you a tour.


NEW! Some highlights of the Pacific & Eastern. "Finished" scenes from Medford to Klamath Falls.

P&E Lines 1905 - 1964    
Follow the short life of the real Pacific & Eastern, it's demise during the Great Depression and rebirth as a logging railroad.
Our Story
What might have happened had the Great Northern pumped more money into it. How we are building this "what if" railroad in HO scale and how it might have ran in 1989. 
Building the P&E
From Benchwork to Scenery; a chronicle of the construction of a large model railroad. Featuring sections on how each major scene came together.
Operations circa 1989   1989 -- the last full year of operation of the Medford Corporation -- boom times for timber in the Rogue Valley. A trip over the railroad; everything you need to know to run the P&E.

Kudos to Ron Harten and his wife Paula for putting together a set of usable, interactive track diagrams in PDF format. Click on names inside the green boxes (or scroll down) for detailed diagrams. A free Adobe Reader can be downloaded at Adobe.com.
  Everything about the rosters of Locomotives and Cars on the P&E, including recommended detail parts for diesels, numbers for both cars and power and the standards which apply to all rolling stock which runs on the railroad.
  In January, 2010 the club inherited Rusty's Rivetless Railroad. It was not possible to move the layout, however, the rolling stock, most of the structures and a few of the scenes have been preserved. Click on the box for the Tribute to Rusty and his Railroad.
Modular Layout

The Modular Layout is alive and well, although out of sight to visitors at the Railroad Park.  It will continue to be set up at the Annual Rogue Valley Railroad Show on Thanksgiving weekend and in Klamath Falls once or twice a year.

Information on the upcoming Annual Rogue Valley Railroad Show -- a tradition for over thirty years on Thanksgiving Weekend. Picture galleries of past Railroad Shows.
Members' Pages

A closer look at some of the modeling efforts of our members.
Membership   Become a member of our group and help build a great railroad. Memberships open for individuals, students, families and folks living outside the Medford area.

The monthly publication of the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club.
You Tube Videos

Several videos of the Pacific & Eastern taken and edited by Carlos Furcal.

Selected links of area groups, modelers, model railroad manufactures and hobby shops which have played a part or helped with the club.

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